From resort showrooms and supper clubs to arenas and amphitheaters, Praia Entertainment Group is producing concert events that have audiences raving.  “The little things don’t mean a lot – they mean everything,” says Joseph Mirrione.  “I think audiences are a lot more intuitive than they’re often given credit for.  They notice when a producer goes the extra mile for them.”

Younger Dayz on stage at Westbury Music Fair
Younger Dayz on stage at Westbury Music Fair

Joseph Mirrione’s music career began in New York at the age of 15.  His commitment to excellence was first on display in his group Younger Dayz, called “one of the best acappella groups of the nineties” by Classic Urban Harmony and voted the Group of the Year in 1994 by the United in Group Harmony Association.

Over a career spanning 20+ years, Joe has managed artists, been publisher and associate editor of two music publications, released Grammy Award winners’ music on his record label, and, of course, produced and promoted concert events.

The Flamingos
Singing with The Flamingos

From 2005 to 2011, Joe recorded with and toured with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Terry Johnson & the Flamingos, performing at some of the most prestigious and legendary venues in the world.  As proficient in the studio as he is on stage, Joe’s recordings have been featured on over 20 compilations, played on radio stations around the globe and featured in TV shows.

He is the creator and producer of the cabaret series Jazz, Bossa & Blues Live as well as several major concert productions including: Pop, Rock & Doo Wopp Live (which feature hit recording artists and pioneers from the first decade of rock and roll),  Stars of the Sixties (which feature hit recording artists of the mid to late 60s) and Back to ’76 (which feature soft-rock hit recording artists of the mid 70s).  These productions comprise over 30 events presented annually, in 20 different markets around the country.

Outside of the music business, Joseph Mirrione has worked intimately with numerous multi-national organizations in the fields of health care, security, education and humanitarian aid.  Having been recruited by the US Government to serve on an elite team of professionals following the events of September 11th, 2001, Joseph is proud to be recognized as a charter member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  He has also received accolades and recognition from a wide variety of organizations as diverse as the New York State Senate, Rotary International and the White House.  Over the years, Joseph has contributed his time and talents to dozens of charitable organizations and continues to give a portion of the proceeds from all of his productions to charitable organizations.

For venues: A few words describing what we’re looking for…

A few words from Joseph:  “I’ve been doing this for several years and have learned that my productions fare best when my partnership with the venue is based on their sincere desire to support my efforts and nurture a long-term relationship.  I bring my own capital, marketing, production and talent.  I am mainly interested in renting your venue (but will sometimes entertain the idea of a co-pro or producing a package for you, if you prefer).  I am totally capable of ‘going it alone’ if need be, but I’d much prefer to work with folks who see their renters partners and not as competition.”  A bit more about what we do… We package and present artists who can still sing and sound just like their original recordings.  We love to present these artists with live brass and even string sections where appropriate.  Many are Rock & Roll Hall of Famers and/or Grammy Hall of Famers.  They haven’t been on the charts in several decades, but they have hungry, loyal fans who respond well to a well-planned marketing campaign.  Praia Entertainment Group knows how to find these audiences better than most through unique marketing mixes that target the 60+ demographic, and we are not afraid to spend our money to get them into your seats.  “My production team is well-prepared and comprised of seasoned vets who have 30+ years of experience in this field.  We make it look like a million-dollar production, but it will likely be the easiest advance over which your team will preside all year.”  If this makes sense to you, please contact us by clicking here.